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Sustainability mission

At CarGuard, we acknowledge our responsibility to raise awareness and understanding of environmental sustainability amongst our team to apply sustainability into practice in the workplace, learning environment and broader community.


CarGuard is committed to achieve its goal to be recognized as an exemplar of environmental best practices and a sustainable organization. We are committed to:

• Embrace Waste Reduction and Recycling: We aim to reduce waste and promote recycling and repurposing. We up-cycle packaging materials as much as possible, which means that your order may sometimes arrive in a box with external branding or old stickers. Rest assured, we remove any previous shipping labels to avoid confusion,  while working towards a more sustainable future.


• Implement Sustainable Practices: We are devoted to integrating sustainability principles across our operations.


• Foster Green Skills: We're committed to providing training aimed at promoting a low-carbon economy, focusing on green skills to meet the evolving needs of industry and community.


• Engage and Collaborate: We're eager to interact with our team, stakeholders, suppliers, industry partners, and community organisations to enhance their environmental sustainability competencies and contribute positively to our environment.


• Manage Our Resources Sustainably: We strive to minimise our environmental footprint through mindful management of our resources such as land, water, energy, materials, cultural heritage, and biodiversity.


• Lead by Example: We aspire to showcase our innovation and leadership in environmental sustainability.

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