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Affiliates program

If you are passionate about our products and service and want to make some extra cash then definitely consider becoming an affiliate. The affiliate program means that you can refer potential customers to us and earn commissions on any purchases they make!

How to sign up to be an affiliate

Becoming an affiliate is very simple. Firstly you need to create an account on our affiliate portal via this link:

Once you have successfully created your account, it will take you into the Affiliate portal. We highly recommend bookmarking this page on both your PC and mobile phone so that you can easily access the portal to see your commissions.

A link to the affiliate portal can be found here:

Legal Stuff

Under Australian law, when sharing an affiliate link you MUST let everyone who sees your link know that you MAY receive a commission for providing the link.

SPAM is bad! If you post your links everywhere and anywhere it may be classed as spam. It looks bad for you and it looks really bad for CarGaurd. There are also laws that govern spam in Australia that can include large fines and possible jail time for serial offenders. 

CarGuard reserve the right to cancel your affiliate account, if we determine that you have breached any laws or may act in a way that may tarnish or damage the reputation of CarGuard while acting as an affiliate we WILL cancel your affiliate account immediately without warning.

To get any idea of what is OK and what isn't, the section below gives examples of the right times to use your affiliate links.

In order to be an affiliate you must have an ABN (If in Australia) or other business entity registration in order to be paid for your referrals. Payments are made like any other business transaction around the world and applicable taxes, tariffs or duties on any income earned is the affiliates responsibility to comply and pay.

You are not permitted to purchase goods for yourself on the CarGuard website using your own affiliate code to get discounts. If we detect this has occurred, your affiliate account will immediately be terminated and any commissions owing will be NOT be paid out!

When and when NOT to share your affiliate links

Part of being an affiliate means that you earn cash by referring CarGuard to potential customers. This is done via links that are generated in the affiliate portal. It may seem logical to post your affiliates everywhere. This is not always a good idea as there is a fine line between trying to help someone out and being a spammer.

Let's take a look at some examples of when and when not to share you affiliate links

✔️Examples of when it's OK to share your links

A user has made a post on social media such as Facebook asking about protecting their car from theft. It would be OK for you to provide your affiliate link in the comments.

Example Post:

"Hi everyone, my neighbours car was stolen last night and they didn't even break in to steal the key! What can I do to protect my car. it also has a keyless entry system?"

Your comment:

""Hey, sorry to hear!  CarGuard are based in Australia and have simple enclosures for your keys that block the signals.
 You can check out the range here"
You make a YouTube video or social media video post OR post a video on your own feed. It is OK for you to post a link to your affiliate profile.

Examples of when NOT to share your links

Making arbitrary posts on social media groups spamming your affiliate links. This includes making posts on Buy, Swap, Sell pages or groups.

Example Post

"Check out CarGuard, they have heaps of cool stuff.

How and when can I get paid?

GoAffPro will keep track of your conversions and commissions. Once your affiliate account has reached a minimum of AU$200 you are then eligible for a pay out.

CarGuard will send you a purchase order for you to create an invoice to be sent to us, Please match the product description in your accounting software with our Purchase order description.

The current commission at present is 10% for any product sold but this may change at any time.

CarGuard will only process pay outs once per month only per affiliate!

For those of you who have signed up already, awesome! Please reach out to us if you have any more questions about being an affiliate or for tips on how to improve your conversions.

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