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Protecting your Pride and Joy!

We've made ensuring the safety of your vehicle as easy as putting your keys in a box or pouch!

Guard Against Keyless Risks

Vehicle manufacturers have been incorporating advanced technologies into their models, including keyless entry and start systems, for several years now. Keyless entry allows the driver to unlock and lock the car without physically using a key, often requiring just a touch on the door handle when the key fob is within a certain range. Similarly, keyless start systems allow the engine to be started with the push of a button, eliminating the need for inserting a key into the ignition.

◆ Toyota ◆ Ford ◆ Chevrolet

◆ Mercedes ◆ Nissan ◆ BMW

◆ Kia ◆ Audi ◆ Volkswagen

◆ Hyundai ◆ Honda ◆ Mazda 

◆ Subaru ◆ Tesla ◆ Land Rover

◆ Jaguar ◆ Volvo ◆ Lexus

◆ Infiniti ◆  Porsche

All of these manufacturers incorporate keyless entry and start technologies in multiple models, ranging from compact cars to luxury SUVs.

Basically, if your key doesn't need to be inserted and no button needs to be pressed on the key to unlock the car, one of our RFID blocking enclosures would be a perfect solution to mitigate the risk of theft.

Relay attack and key cloning

car thief stealing a car

Relay car theft is a sophisticated crime that exploits keyless entry systems in vehicles. Thieves use a pair of radio transmitters to intercept and relay the signal from a car's key fob, which is often inside the owner’s home, to the vehicle. One criminal stands close to the vehicle with a transmitter, while an accomplice holds the other near the house to capture the signal from the key fob. The signal is then amplified and transmitted to the accomplice's device, tricking the car into thinking the key fob is nearby. This allows the vehicle to be unlocked, and in many cases, started and driven away without any physical break-in or traditional theft tools. This method is quick, silent, and often undetected until it's too late.

No signal, no chance.

car thief stealing a car

Our stylish enclosures offer a robust defense against relay car theft, serving as an impenetrable barrier between your key fob's signal and high-tech thieves. These enclosures are crafted with a specialised degaussing material, which acts like a Faraday cage, effectively scrambling and blocking any external electromagnetic fields. By placing your key fob inside our blocking pouch or box, the key's signal becomes undetectable and cannot be amplified by a thief's device. This ensures that the unique signal remains secure and prevents unauthorised access to your vehicle. Not only does this simple yet effective solution provide peace of mind, but it also preserves the convenience of your keyless entry system without compromising security.

Protecting your cards

car thief stealing a car

Did you know that your bank and credit cards are also vulnerable to skimming and cloning?

We also stock a range of simple and stylish RFID card sleeves to protect your credit and debit cards from card skimmers that fit right into your wallet or purse.

Stylish designs

RFID signal blocking box medium anti theft
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